Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fans and the Press

Believe it or not, I've received a few angry messages re my Michael Jackson posts. Reading them over, you'd think Mary Fischer - a professional pedophile apologist, one who is paid to lie in the media on behalf of NAMBLA-philes, ritual abuse perps and the like, a writer with no credibility whatsoever, IMhO, one of the most dishonest reporters in the country - had the last word on the question of Jackson's sexual leanings, a subject that has a number of reporters and acquaintances giving completely contradictory accounts: He was an eager "heterosexual," a closeted "gay," "sexless," a "pedophile" ... spreading mass confusion and sometimes rage from those whose minds are made up ... based on the word of Ms Fischer and a few culpable others.

One comment shows how far the self-proclained "king of pop's" fans will go to rationalize away facts that get in the way of the media programming:

From "PeanutGal1":

"Moron Boy: ... In 2004, Michael Jackson’s defense attorneys filed legal papers seeking to preclude evidence of the 1993 settlement specifically because Michael did not have control over the settlement and both Michael and his legal team objected to the settlement. ... "

As Moron Boy explained and supported with a courtroom transcript, it was Jackson's idea to pay off his accusers. Verbatim court documents support this - his own attorney's statement before the jury. The version cited by PeanutGal1 was planted in the media by Aphrodite Jones - who actually led the pack with accusations of child molestation against Jackson on The O'Reilly Factor, then, after the trial, turned tail and claimed the allegations were a lamely-defined, anti-Jackson "conspiracy." If so, she led that "conspiracy" - a Fox News spinner with little credibility, like Fischer or Jackson's creative PR firm ...

But Moron Boy didn't need Fisher & Jones to program his opinion because he searched, and behold: "Michael Jackson had Jab to Curb Sex Urges for Young Boys" Chemical castration. Voluntary. That explained the allegations, the Jesus Juice, sleeping with young-uns, even the $20-million settlement more plausibly than the hired hands of Jackson's press corps, swank Washington, DC public relations firm or Scientology wives.

It's not so complicated, after all, when you blow away the media smoke and shatter the mirrors. By choice, Jackson was surrounded by the Mafia, befriended fascists, slept with boys. Jackson was a Jackass.

- AC

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