Monday, November 12, 2007

Cult Channeler with DARPA Husband Says I'm "Co-Opting the 9/11 Truth Movement"

Cult channeler Laura Knight-Jadczyk:

" ... Individuals whose writings I had long considered to be quite good, if not superior, revealed themselves to be little more than ego driven wannabes. After a few days of exchanges, providing referenced material for discussion, and being flamed by such luminaries as ... (surprise!) Alex Constantine, I realized that it is really, really true: the 911 Movement is co-opted to the very core, and probably always has been. ... "

Laura Knight-Jadczyk is a well-known anti-Semitic, self-professed hypno-therapist and spirit channeling cultist - with a husband from DARPA, the Techno-Black Ops folk. She is accusing me of "co-opting the 9/11 Truth Movement."

Could this soul-chilling accusation be true?

Let's examine it: I've never written a book in 9/11, never gave a public speech about 9/11 or attended a conference, never talked on radio or television about 9/11, have only written a handful of articles about it. I'm not a member of any 9/11 organization nor am I a regular at any 9/11 blogs. My accuser, on the other hand, writes about 9/11 constantly, and has set up shop as an "expert" researcher - she blames JEWS.

So I'm "co-opting" her along with "the movement" at "the very core," of course. What grounds does she provide for this most serious charge? She explains: I "flamed" her - an anti-Semite, irrational channeling cultist ... with a DARPA husband ... who claimed, in a spammed e-mail to me and many others, that "Israel owns the United States." ...

This led her to "realize" that I'm a dire threat. An epiphany. What did I write?

My "flamed" response to Laura K-J: "Is the [neo-nazi] National Alliance recruiting again?" Now, I wrote this because her e-mail blaming 9/11 on Israel and the Jews was indistinguishable from Jew-baiting found at the National Vanguard site.

Proof positive. Guilty as charged. And while I'm at it, I'm going to flame Bush - co-opt the entire country! Why not? Cause and effect. Flame an asshole and you can take over a whole mess of independent researchers, even an entire nation! Laura's occultic Law.

Or ... is her charge that AC is co-opting the movement merely an expression of her worst fear? Could be it.

- AC

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