Friday, November 16, 2007

Dave Emory is the CIA's Useful Idiot

Dave Emory is "handled." Please catch on, because after 20 years, I'm tired of explaining it.

His "fans" (suckers) are duped. Emory is fed a steady stream of "research" by an intelligent woman who flatters him, provides other inducements - unusual in Dave's experience - and he reads it on the air, often pretends it's his own work. Lois Battuello, the woman in question, is a key researcher for Gerald Posner, the notorious CIA propagandist, author of Case Closed, a pack of lies about the John Kennedy assassination. She is independently wealthy, supplies Dave Emory (and Dan Hopsicker, Joseph J. Trento, Peter Dale Scott, a number of others) with a steady stream of articles about "Islamo-fascism" - often CIA Mockingbird & right-wing propaganda concerning al Qaeda - and lazy Dave passes the work off as his own.

He has actually read from the Weekly Standard on the air. In his brainwashed state, this is not a problem.

That is why Emory and Scott and Hopsicker - AND Posner - all rail against "Islamo-fascism." They have the same source of "research" - Lois Battuello up in Napa Valley, where her own handler lives ...

Battuello supported Daniel Hopsicker financially for years. He does not discuss this publicly. Nor does he discuss his main source of information.

My own source on most of this: Lois Battuello herself in writing. Any arguments? (Emory and Hopsicker "fans" want a media celebrity to program them, but really need to do their own work and stop letting Mockingbirds spoon-feed them. The fans will send me flaming e-mails - "how dare you 'attack' my idol, Dave Emory ..." ... Eat me.)

I had a daily e-mail exchange with Battuello - who sent me a steady stream of articles, too, for a few months in 2004, some of which I cited in articles before becoming suspicious and concluding that her "Islamo-fascist" approach was a dead end, that the US government was trumping up the case against Islam, orchestrating the terrorism.

Emory and Hopsicker have her in common, and this is why they are allies against the jack-booted minions of "Islamo-fascism."

On her death bed, Mae Brussell - who used to provide the research to Dave to read on-air ... once she was gone, the handlers moved in and supplanted Mae as his provider of open source intelligence - told Dave Emory to "get some help." But there is no help for him.

He and Hopsicker have sold their souls to fascists for money, fame and flattery. You can only do this work with clean motives or it will compromise and eventually eat you alive. My motives are clean, I keep them that way, and AC will persevere - sorry that I can't say the same for my mentally disengaged colleagues.

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- AC

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