Saturday, November 17, 2007

Follow-Up to Edward Haslam's Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus Released

Book Offers New Reason for Secrecy Surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald coworker indicates biological weapon activity.

Dallas, TX (Vocus/PRWEB ) November 16, 2007 -- Nov. 22, 2007 is the 44th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Earlier this year, an unusual book was published that challenges the official story of the JFK assassination as few books have.

"Dr. Mary's Monkey" begins far from the events in Dallas and investigates the death of Mary Sherman, MD, a doctor trained at the University of Chicago in the effects of radiation on cancer and murdered in New Orleans in 1964. Before it is over, this cold-case murder investigation introduces Judyth, the young woman who worked with Lee Oswald, and explains her association to the mysteriously murdered Dr. Mary Sherman.

A young science star who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, Judyth was trained to handle cancer-causing viruses at the prestigious Roswell Cancer Institute (Buffalo, New York) in an elite student program funded by the National Science Foundation. Her sponsors were officers of the American Cancer Society.

After maintaining her silence for decades, Judyth has finally spoken up. Today she states in unambiguous language that she and Lee Harvey Oswald worked together on a secret project to develop a cancerous biological weapon to kill Fidel Castro. And once their lethal weapon was ready, it was tested on a human patient, a local prisoner transferred to the Jackson State Mental Hospital in rural Louisiana for that purpose. It worked.

“Judyth was brought to me by 60 MINUTES, the CBS News show,” says Edward T. Haslam, author of "Dr. Mary's Monkey." “60 MINUTES eventually decided not air her story themselves, but THE HISTORY CHANNEL did. They sold over 50,000 copies of that DVD in the first week, before they were forced to pull it from distribution. Since then, someone has posted her episode on the internet and today you can watch it for free and judge for yourself.” Links to Judyth’s video can be found at:

So what does all this have to do with the JFK assassination? “If Oswald was part of a team effort to develop a cancerous biological weapon to kill Fidel Castro, then he was certainly neither a ‘lone nut’ nor a Communist sympathizer, as J. Edgar Hoover and the Warren Commission claimed,” says Haslam. “They could not tell us who Oswald really was without unveiling the biological weapon project. Call it National Security. It helps you see what a convenient patsy Oswald was, since he could not be publicly investigated, and imagine how inconvenient his testimony would have been if he had been allowed to speak under oath in a court of law during a highly publicized trial like the murder of the President. This is the real reason that Oswald was murdered - to silence him, leaving the accusation of his guilt in the JFK assassination to linger in the public’s memory.”

“It is time we looked beyond what J. Edgar Hoover and the members of LBJ’s hand-picked Warren Commission had to say and consider the new evidence that we have today,” reflects Haslam.

“Judyth’s testimony is at the center of this new information, and it deserves both the attention of the press and the thoughtful consideration of tomorrow’s historians.”

Judyth last spoke to Lee Harvey Oswald by phone on Nov. 20, 1963, two days before JFK’s assassination, and they discussed JFK’s impending assassination during that phone call. According to Judyth, Oswald indicated that he had penetrated a ring planning to assassinate JFK and hoped that his actions might actually save the President. Oswald himself was murdered four days later.

"Dr. Mary's Monkey" is published by Trine Day Press (1-800-556-2012) and can be ordered through most bookstores. It is available online at,, and from the author’s website:

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