Friday, November 2, 2007

Announcing: PSYCHIC DICTATORSHIP IN THE USA II, by AC, Available in Searchable E-Book Form

The worst kept secret on the Internet ...

My book Psychic Dictatorship in the USA (1995) has never been mentioned by the establishment press - yet the first review to appear in the alternative papers immediately labelled it a "classic." The book is still in print and is widely read, but censorship still precludes any mention of it in the Failed Estate 12 years after its publication. PD II is as exhaustively researched as the first book, and makes a sham of the deceptive "mainstream" military media reporting that has led us to the brink of open fascist rule.

The new book is in searchable CD form.


Psychic Dictatorship in the USA II, by Alex Constantine - Contents

Introduction [on press censorship, establishment media ties to the intelligence underground and the schizophrenia of programmed consensus American reality]

Chapter 1: The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball (early cold-war, lost CIA/Nazi history)

Chapter 2: The Early History of the John Birch Society: Templars of the Corporate Warfare State

Chapter 3: The Origins of the G.W. Bush-Carlyle-Nazi Axis

Chapter 4: OPERATION CONDOR – 9/11-1973/2001

Chapter 5: American Sponsorship of World Terrorism


Chapter 7: The Hollywood Propaganda Ministry

Chapter 8: Media "Liberals" for Fascism: How Corporate/CIA-Subsidized "Progressive" Journalistic Surrogates Mau-Mau the "Communard" Flak-Catchers, Baby!

Chapter 9: NutraFear & NutraLoathing in Augusta, Georgia

Chapter 10: China White, GHW Bush & the Challenger Disaster


Chapter 12: Orwell in Orbit – Big Brother's Designs for Space

Chapter 13: BLOOD, CARNAGE & THE AGENT PROVOCATEUR: The Truth About The Los Angeles Riots and the Secret War Against L.A.'s Minorities [The entire book, first published in 1993, with some new and updated information]

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Anonymous said...

Damn! I'm broke. Honestly, I'm poor. If I had the 15 bucks to spare I'd send it to you right away. I wish I still had my copy of Psychic Dictatorship I, but I lost it in a bad break-up.

Keep up the good work, brother. Don't let them rent space in your head or lease your peace.