Friday, May 8, 2009

A Correction

I recently went and confused the Clifford Law Firm in Chicago with Clark Clifford's BCCI-star-crossed legal front, and for that I apologize. That was a dunderhead slip-up, I admit. Anyone who wants to flame me for it gets a free pass. I deleted the offending article and bit my lip for letting the confusion over Cliffords throw me. Usually, when I make a mistake, a flame turns up in the comment box rudely calling the error to my attention (and questioning my relationship with my mother, that sort of thing). That didn't happen this time. My "editors" missed it, too. What dunderheads they are for letting me off the hook ... personally, I think it best to forget my error anyways - look forward, not backward - and get on with the challenging tasks ahead of us ...

- AC

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