Saturday, September 27, 2008

Auctioneer says Law Enforcement knew Beforehand about Scheme in Simpson Case

Las Vegas Review-Journal
Sep. 22, 2008

Several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, knew beforehand that O.J. Simpson was going to take back merchandise from memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas, said the auctioneer at the center of the case.

Thomas Riccio testified this morning that he told California police and the FBI that memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley was trying to sell collectibles that were stolen from Simpson’s trophy room.

Riccio said he even asked the FBI to come along with him and Simpson when they attempted to recover the property from the memorabilia dealers. California police and the FBI, however, weren’t interested in getting involved, he said.

Their lack of interested was frustrating because Riccio believed that the merchandise, which included some of Simpson’s family photos, was stolen. Riccio was previously convicted of dealing in stolen goods.

“This guy (Beardsley) admitted he had stolen property and no one cares,” he said. ...

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