Friday, September 19, 2008

MKULTRA: Organized crime, hippies, and domestic terrorism

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Karin Malchow - Scam Examiner
SF Examiner
September 7, 2008

As the Business Technology Examiner noted last week, the FBI recently raised the reward to $2 million for James "Whitey" Bulger, alleged organized crime leader, child molester, and long-time fugitive on the Ten Most Wanted list.

Bulger was imprisoned in 1956 for armed robbery and hijacking, but reportedly decreased his time served by voluntarily participating in MKULTRA, CIA sponsored research testing mind control and interrogation using hallucinogenic drugs, among other techniques.

The program ran for at least twelve years, although it's hard to pinpoint since most records were destroyed in 1973 before congressional investigation.

Other famous reported participants in the secret $25 million program include teenaged Ted Kaczynski, decades later convicted as the Unabomber, and Ken Kesey, who enjoyed LSD so much he began actively promoting its recreational use.

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