Monday, September 29, 2008

Satanist Michael Aquino at the Presidio

Mind control subject/activist Diana Napolis has released a PDF of a transcribed interview with one of the alleged child victims of Michael Aquino from the Presidio case. I don't believe this has been available on the internet before:

"This is a Criminal Investigative Division interview tape of an (anonymous) alleged child victim of Michael Aquino?s dated March 15, 1989. I viewed several other interviews and audio tapes that had much of the same damning information on it.

According to Aquinio's damage claim, the CID initially charged him with Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (court martial), but dropped this particular charge and issued their report several months, after the statute of limitations had run.

"Instead, he was processed out of the Army in 1990. Perhaps someone might like to alert UC Davis Vice-Chancellor Robert Loessberg-Zahl, since this official attempted to interfere with my rights to free speech concerning information that I was publicly disclosing about the Aquinos and Dr. Gail Goodman."

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