Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crashin' Me

The CIA and DoD know that my diet consists exclusively of a dish best served chilled, so after posting the article on the vetting of Sarah Palin, I was fed a diet of cold links. Pay that no mind. I've reinstalled the dead links with the exception of one - the O'Melviny and Meyers site crashed and is still down as of this hour. That is, this prestigious law firm has been wiped OFF the Net COMPLETELY. But I've replaced it with a more informative link. No damage done there. The link to "Oceans 9/11," on Iran contra connections to Black Tuesday, also crashed and has been restored (till it dies again).

That is to say, it wasn't me. Someone's choking on that post and even O'Melviny and Meyers have been knocked off the net by someone's impotent rage.

- AC

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