Sunday, September 23, 2007


Confused about 9/11? You won't find this article at "conservative" blogs or even the Pew-supported AlterNet. MadCow Morning News is run by a fake news expert financially supported by Gerald Posner's key researcher, so MadCow is a dead end. The 9/11 movement is dying in a sea of misinformation and reckless research. Where is an honest interpreter of events?

Mae Brussell was neglected and crucified in her time, and as a result all Americans fell prey to vicious predators. Bad Karma.

I learned from her and she has never failed me. THIS IS THE BEATING HEART OF 9/11, the "big picture." I am aware that there are many "knowledgable experts" out there who work the media, win awards and all, who tell you something else, but please get used to this anyways because 98 percent of them are pathological liars on the take, and a humble Brussell Sprout doesn't lie for money and fame. We try to haul America's ass out of the fire, so America should stop drooling and crucifying - and start listening:


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