Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mystery Over Big Brother Star/Human Shield's Death

John Garnaut and Andra Jackson
The Age
September 17, 2007

Gordon Sloan, found dead in Beijing

THE Australian Government may ask Chinese authorities to investigate the death of former Big Brother contestant Gordon Sloan after new evidence suggesting he was drugged against his will.

The Age has learnt that it now seems clear that the Australian celebrity who acted as a human shield in Iraq was drugged at a Chinese nightclub. Doctors have confirmed they found a mysterious toxic substance in his blood.

The New Zealand-born Mr Sloan was found slumped against a nightclub wall in Beijing on Saturday, September 1 and taken to hospital. He remained in a coma on life support for 12 days. His parents, a brother and a sister flew to China to be by his side and made the decision to switch off life support last Wednesday.

Mr Sloan, a freelance architect who became a household name in Australia when he starred in the first Big Brother house in 2001, had been in Beijing on business.

Jackie Blackie, in charge of consular affairs at the New Zealand embassy in Beijing, said doctors found a mysterious toxic substance in Mr Sloan's body. She said the drug must have been administered to Mr Sloan without his knowledge. "I know he was very anti-drugs and wouldn't have taken it with full knowledge," she said.

Last night Mr Sloan's New Zealand parents were trying to organise to accompany their son's body back to Australia but were having trouble finding an available flight.

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