Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Burma Accuses CIA of Involvement in KNU Assassination

Dhaka: The Burmese military government has accused the CIA via its state-run newspaper of involvement in the assassination of a Karen commander from the KNU who wanted to negotiate a ceasefire with the junta.

The article published Saturday in The Mirror, also known as Kyimon, claimed that the assassination of Colonel Kyi Min was a CIA plot, and that KNU operatives were acting under CIA control.

Colonel Kyi Min, Commander In-charge of Karen Liberation Army Regiment 18 from Bridge 6, was assassinated last month by unknown armed assailants on the Homh Tharaw River near the Thai-Burma border.

The murder occurred as he was returning to his headquarters from a Burmese army camp after discussions with Burmese officials.

The Mirror report also made accusations that one general from the US Army and CIA visited an insurgent group to provide military aid and training to detonate bombs inside Burma. The report did not, however, mention the name of the respective insurgent group on the border.

Accusations of frequent visits to insurgent camps along the Thai-Burma border to provide military aid and training were also thrown at former Military Attaché to Burma Robert Helvey, retired US Air Force officer Michael Mitchell, retired US Marine officer Gene Sharp, and former US special forces officer David Eubank.

The US officials were also accused of praising several insurgent groups, including the ABSDF, NCGUB, SSA-A, CRDB, and DAB for efforts to "foil the stability and development of Burma" by means of terrorist act such as bombs planted inside Burma.

The Burmese military government often makes such accusations against the United States and Britain whenever public unrest stirs in Burma, said one Burmese politician.

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