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James Randi, CIA, Mind Control, FMSF, Selective Human Breeding, Rockey & Pellwinkle and the Pariahs Behind the Ritual Abuse of Children

James Randi

The following letter is over ten years old, from my old research partner Richard "Cloudrider" Farley, a humble country reporter who investigated CIA mind control activity for years and hounded the perps constantly with brilliant, rambling, labyrinthine, sarcastic e-mails to let them know that he was on to them. Every letter was a data trove and a joy to read if you happened to be researching mind control and ritual abuse. This note was written in 1996. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation to which he refers is a CIA mind control front.

- AC


Here's the list forwarded to me the other day of the FMSF's advisory board, from their most recent online version of their False Memory Syndrome Foundation newsletter. I've simply been "watching" these folks for a while. Some of these names are VERY interesting given their research histories. Well known, many are.'s what's happening:

UCLA identifications: Louis Jolyon West; John Hochman; Rochel Gelman.
Others at Berkeley (Singer; Crews; Ofshe). Stanford & Harvard, of course. (Odd, yes, that being John Mack's baliwick, too?

The "Amazing" James Randi (of CSICOP and CIA" consultant on magic and debunk/disinform fame). His presence sort of gives away who and what this FMSF scam is about.

Odd also, yes, that Randi got into a "pi**ing" contest with former Navy signals scientist Eldon Byrd recently (1992-1993) and the two fought it out in a slander suit Byrd filed against Randi? Something to do with Byrd's alleged plea bargain to some kind of mail-porn charge, which Randi allegedly had hyped up publicly to be more than that. Byrd won, but Randi pleaded "destitution" and Eldon got an award of $1.00. (It was tried in Baltimore, back in 1993. Baltimore Sun reported it, and Byrd told me about it over dinner at C. B. "Scott" Jones home one evening of several we spent together back in '92 and '93 there.)

Byrd said that Uri Geller put up $10,000 for his legal costs. Byrd and Geller are good friends, from back in the '70s, and Geller and Randi's bitter adversarial relationship is well known and goes way back, too. (You might want to read Andrijah Puharich's "URI" if you've not yet.)

Byrd says he had been "set-up" by postal inspectors, part of some initiative to discredit him because he was too public with his personal interests in "psi," etc. He'd allegedly had some Navy security clearance issues dog him, which contributed to his early retirement as one of their senior most civilian scientists.

Of course, he could have been "living his cover," much as Jones allegedly was doing when he retired from active Navy Intelligence duty in the mid-1970s to create his "new" identity as fatherly "Professor Jones," of the Psi-Institute for Hot Oil Massages.

Even more bizarre: When he was still with the Navy, Dr. Byrd was the contract manager for some of the research Michael Persinger did (see FMSF list below), on "neuro-impacts" of various EMFs and ELFs. Something about wave-propagation and influences on submariners if somebody "beeped" them with mind-influencing EMF signals, etc., that kind of thing. Pretty small club, these folks. "Mind-benders" all.

The Orne's are now at Penn, of course. Most government "mind-influencers" we (the taxpayers) funded have now turned their mis-shapen medical ethics to work for the Dark Side. You've seen them in your Psych-Lit data base searches I suggested? Their work is funded by the big foundations (Hughes, etc.) and is buried so arcanely in technomedbabble as to be difficult...but
not excavate.

Not to omit the aforementioned Michael Persinger, up at Laurentian University, in Canada, where MUCH of this kind of work has been undertaken ... (no pun intended) ... because of Canada absence of a Bill of Rights and First Amendment, not to mention a more restrictive National Security apparatus regarding disclosures. He was previously funded by Navy, and is/was a big buddy of C. B. Jones (Jones says) and other gov't signal propagation experts...for whom Persinger does/did work on "receptivity" and neuro-effects of external signals. See Psych-Lit and other refs.

The "web" of slime balls who have diddled with the knobs on the planetary consciousness is laid out here. But: Sunlight is the best disinfectant! There it is.


Dick (

P.S. - Did you see the tantalizing "blurb" on Rather Dan's CBS News last night? It was a "read only" story with a graphic, about "researchers have mapped auditory hallucinations in the brain." Dan showed a computerized brain-scan "of a normal person," and then one of the distributed activity of "a schizophrenic while hearing voices." That was it. Hmmm. Do you have a citation for what that may have been drawn from?

Due to the Powell Colin-ectomy from the Newt-onian Presidential Campaign, Rather Dan apparently truncated the brain piece. My guess is it came from a journal "press release," but he didn't say which one. No other info given.

Interestingly, immediately following that little tid-byte, Rather had a story about "subliminals" in computer games (and other "retail" places). A new CD-game entitled "EdorFUN" was featured, and a benign history of the field was presented. ("Oh, 'Brave New World' that has such people in it.")

The "Eye on America" segment reported in some depth about (it said) "alleged" subliminals. I was amused to see a couple of identifiable "experts," saying the stuff doesn't work, etc., etc. We were left by CBS "not to worry" about yet one more scientific uncertainty with "unlimited market potential."

No surprises there.

But lingering out in the "aethers," there WAS that BBC news report back in April 1993, which was shot when we (Human Potential Foundation...the Pell/Jones thing fueled by Larry Rockeybucks) had a couple of visiting Russians over to demonstrate their "Psychocorrection" software for a bunch of intell types.

Included at that private but unclassified symposium we threw (in Tyson's Corners, at offices of Systems Integration Research, who were competing to get the Russians' "brokers" to set up a U.S. defense-intell deal to exploit this technology), were guys like Dr. Richard Nakamura (sp?), the head neuro-guy (there's another pun) from the NIH/NIMH. Also some CIA guys (Pandolfi & Green, who's ex-agency); some "Star Wars" office types; and of course your usual smattering of blue-suiters from USAF & DOD.

(Both Newt and Al Gore, not to mention the White House, are very aware of all of this. Given that it was a Rockey and Pell-Winkle Adventure, what might that tell you? Right! Especially given the Rockey-funded "UFO" Initiative trying to set up the Clintonistas, and Larry's funding and advocacy for "alien
abductions" guru John E. Mack up at Hahvahd Yahd. Not to worry.

It's still America because WE say it's still America. By the way, anybody SEEN Alien Ambassador Steve Greer lately?)

The BBC came and shot a separate segment of the Russians' "subliminal attitude adjuster" for their 12-minute segment on "Non-Lethal Weapons" and doctrine, (a la John Alexander, Janet & Chris Morris, etc.) which was all the rage during the earlier Clintonista period as "dueling defense budgets" evolved. Les Aspin died for our sins, so that debate is VERY black now, with
Deutch of MIT and Sheila Widnall, also of MIT, carrying CIA and USAF. (Funny, that Bosnian-Serb party going on over at Wright-Patterson AFB, in Dayton. Maybe old "Hangar 18" is going to be the new Geneva, and the "Gray/EBEs" invited the Serbs in for some strawberry ice cream?)

The Russians said "it works." And "our side" was quietly amazed that the Russky doctors had apparently "figured out the algorithm" we've spent gazillions working on. And these ex-Soviet scientists had it working on an IBM-386 platform (at least the version they showed us). The later stuff was "at home" on another board.

Of course, the Russians said THEY had refused KGB funding, and their work was aimed at helping bend the minds of alcoholics and drug addicts back to the sanity of service to the state. But OTHER scientists, former colleagues of these guys, had NOT been so "ethical," the Russkies said, and had indeed gone ahead and helped the KGB guys with their nefarious experiments. Right.

That's why Rockefeller was funding Cdr. C. B. Jones to showcase this little bit of what they called "subliminal negotiation" technology to the intell community. Just think...millions and millions of little school kids, watching "Channel One" and having their plastic mind "Newt-ralized." Voila! No more pesky consumers with consciousness, let alone citizens with conscience.

A marketer's (and corporate labor negotiator's) dream? Truth is what is believed, right? And people will fight and die...and even kill...for what they can be made to believe. Just ask the Rabins.

Did you ever see that BBC segment? It ran all around the world but here in the US of A. That's a tad odd, isn't it? That the whole world was watching us think about "non-lethal" doctrine except ourselves? Ah, yes. The most effective kind of "mind control" is simply to control the flow of information. Then, while the people believe they are making "choices," it is the "gatekeepers" who are setting the agenda and presenting the alternatives, guided by their "enlightened self interest."
[brace yourself for FM-SPINdrome Foundation spammage -d4]
(From the FMSF newsletter...last few forwarded to me. Can't vouch authenticity.)

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3 corporation with its principal offices in Philadelphia and governed by its Board of Directors. While it encourages participation by its members in its activities, it must be understood that the Foundation has no affiliates and that no other organization or person is authorized to speak for the Foundation without the prior written approval of the Executive Director. All membership dues and contributions to the Foundation must be forwarded to the Foundation for its disposition.


WHAT IF, parents who are facing lawsuits and want legal information about FMS cases, had to be told, "I'm sorry, there isn't any such thing available?"

WHAT IF, your son or daughter began to doubt his or her memories and called FMSF only to get a recording, "This number is no longer in operation?"

WHAT IF, a journalist asks you where to get information about the FMS phenomenon, and you had to answer, "Sorry, I don't know?"

WHAT IF, you want to ask a question that only an expert, familiar with FMS can answer, and find out that FMSF can no longer provide that information? Where would you turn?

WHAT IF the False Memory Syndrome Foundation did not exist? A frightening thought, isn't it? Please support our Foundation. We cannot survive without your support!

Reprinted from the August 1994 PFA (MI) Newsletter


Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Executive Director

[and of course, the cocktail-party list]

FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board,

November 1, 1995:

o AARON T. BECK, M.D., D.M.S., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

o TERENCE W. CAMPBELL, Ph.D., Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Sterling Heights, MI

o ROSALIND CARTWRIGHT, Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center, Chicago, IL

o JEAN CHAPMAN, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

o LOREN CHAPMAN, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

o FREDERICK C. CREWS, Ph.D., University of California,

Berkeley, CA

o ROBYN M. DAWES, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

o DAVID F. DINGES, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, The

Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

o HENRY C. ELLIS, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

o FRED FRANKEL, M.B.Ch.B., D.P.M., Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard

Medical School, Boston, MA

o GEORGE K. GANAWAY, M.D., Emory University of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

o MARTIN GARDNER, Author, Hendersonville, NC

o ROCHEL GELMAN, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, CA

o HENRY GLEITMAN, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

o LILA GLEITMAN, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

o RICHARD GREEN, M.D., J.D., Charing Cross Hospital, London

o DAVID A. HALPERIN, M.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York,


o ERNEST HILGARD, Ph.D., Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

o JOHN HOCHMAN, M.D., UCLA Medical School, Los Angeles, CA

o DAVID S. HOLMES, Ph.D., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

o PHILIP S. HOLZMAN, Ph.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

o JOHN KIHLSTROM, Ph.D., Yale University, New Haven, CT

o HAROLD LIEF, M.D., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

o ELIZABETH LOFTUS, Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, WA

o PAUL McHUGH, M.D., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

o HAROLD MERSKEY, D.M., University of Western Ontario, London,


o ULRIC NEISSER, Ph.D., Emory University, Atlanta, GA

o RICHARD OFSHE, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, CA

o EMILY K ORNE, B.A., University of Pennsyllvania, The Institute

of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

o MARTIN ORNE, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, The

Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

o LOREN PANKRATZ, Ph.D., Oregon Health Sciences University,

Portland, OR

o CAMPBELL PERRY, Ph.D., Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

o MICHAEL A. PERSINGER, Ph.D., Laurentian University, Ontario,


o AUGUST T. PIPER, Jr., M.D., Seattle, WA

o HARRISON POPE, Jr., M.D., Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA

o JAMES RANDI, Author and Magician, Plantation, FL

o HENRY L. ROEDIGER, III, Ph.D., Rice University, Houston, TX

o CAROLYN SAARI, Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago, IL

o THEODORE SARBIN, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

o THOMAS A. SEBEOK, Ph.D., Indiana Univeristy, Bloomington, IN

o LOUISE SHOEMAKER, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania,

Philadelphia, PA

o MARGARET SINGER, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, CA

o RALPH SLOVENKO, J.D., Ph.D., Wayne State University Law School,

Detroit, MI

o DONALD SPENCE, Ph.D., Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center,

Piscataway, NJ

o JEFFREY VICTOR, Ph.D., Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, NY

o HOLLIDA WAKEFIELD, M.A., Institute of Psychological Therapies,

Northfield, MN

o LOUIS JOLYON WEST, M.D., UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA.


Date: October 24, 1995

To: Frontline (

From: Dick Farley (

Re: "In Search of Satan" / Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, etc.

Air Date: Tuesday, October 24, 1995, at 9 p.m. EDT.

As a journalist who has spent several years examining the various threads which make up the very bizarre tapestry of "SRA" and "alien abuctions," as well as alleged MPD and "induced multiples/alters-as-secret agents for _____", I was saddened that you folks apparently were so easily led astray. Unless, of course, Washington "intelligence personality" Dan Smith is
correct and some of your contractual producers and on-board staffers are what he has called "company men," i.e., having CIA or other intelligence community connections. I'll leave all that for Dan and his Capitol Hill friends to sort out.

By way of brief background in this field, I am a journalist and public policy professional, having a varied background in non-profits doing environmental and science policy work. I won the Associated Press "Mark Twain" Award for Investigative Reporting

in our Mid-Atlantic region, in 1990. I worked for several years with an organization called the "Human Potential Foundation," chartered in Washington, DC and based in Falls Church, Virginia. It was founded by U. S. Senator Claiborne Pell and funded primarily by Laurance S. Rockefeller as one of his several current philanthropic initiatives seeming to promote alternative religious and psychiatric/psychological paradigms, including so-called "UFOs" and "abductions," having "Global Mind Change" potentials. Rockefeller put more than $700,000 through the "HPF" from 1991 to 1994, as Common Cause Magazine recently reported (Fall, 1995. Page 7). The network of allied scientists and medical experimenters runs throughout
academic, military/intell and government-related specialists in mind-influencing, psychobiology, "political psychiatry" and "exceptional human performance," and makes efforts at reaching into the highest echelons of our elected government...with dubious intentions and reprehensible ethics.

You will see my name (listed as C. Richard Farley, Jr.) in the acknowledgements of the 1993 book about purported "alien abductions" by John E. Mack, M.D., of Harvard. Although I have been portrayed variously by some of the principals of the "HPF" and Rockefeller minions as a "disgruntled ex-employee," that is not the case. I was working for the organization, after being recruited, as Director of Project Development, addressing the various scientific and educational paradigm-shifting foci the organization's principals espoused in their IRS filing and their brochure and internal documentation. I took myself "off" the so-called Rockefeller "UFO Initiative" to the White Houes (on which I worked from Oct. 1992 through April, 1994).

Later, the HPF reduced its staff and laid all paid employees off, moving
operations to the Falls Church basement in the home of Jones. Incidental to your program of tonight, and my purpose for writing this, is that I worked from August, 1991 through at May, 1994, the HPF and its President, who is retired naval intelligence officer Cdr. C.B. "Scott" Jones, Ph.D. Jones also was a contractual consultant (KamanTEMPO, Inc.) to the Defense Nuclear Agency (1981-1985) before next working for Senator Pell as Special Assistant (1985-1991), ostensibly looking after Pell's "paranormal" interests. (Jones is also listed in Mack's book, as is L.S. Rockefeller.)

During part of that period and after I'd left the organization (Oct. 1992 through May, 1995), Cdr. Jones and what was left of the HPF (after he got rid of his only two full-time staffers, and with Pell eventually resigning as we have "closed in" on these guys), focused almost all of his public energy on Mr. Rockefeller's purported fascination with so-called "UFOs" and purported "alien abductions." Rockefeller is alleged, based on credible online data and published information, to have made a contribution of prestige and perhaps money to help Harvard's Dr. Mack resist efforts there to censure him for his "alien abduction" beliefs, as he claims is his "diagnosis" of the experiences of his "exceptional experiencers." But that's not all of it, and this certainly isn't about a doddering billionaire with a fascination for the bizarre. It's about power and abuse.

Basically, what tickled me about your program this evening was your reference to Ms. Gloria Steinem, whose magazine published an early and influential report about purported SRA, as your film revealed. What was fascinating is that you did not pursue this high-profile person's involvements further, back to her funding sources and political linkages, which lead to the same sources that have funded "alien abduction research, and the promotion of such scenarios by what "UFO" critic (and top space and reconnaissance technical writer) Philip Klass has repeatedly said is a "highly placed UFO cult."

What you also missed, and what I do know from my personal contacts with some of your "consultants" like Mr. Gus Rousseau in the Washington area, and others, is that Frontline has a deep understanding and much primary information about the range of phenomena and cross-linkages often termed "UFOs," as well as "recalled memories," etc. Your recent repeat of your earlier "debunking" of recalled memories and MPD, in which you had featured a well-known CIA-related psychiatrist purporting to "plant" MPD identities in the Hillside Strangler, I believe, was fairly transparent, especially if one knows the actual history of that psychiatrist. One would almost be led to conclude that your intention was "creative deflection" of mainstream public scrutiny of these phenomena...not as "metaphysicalities," but rather as techniques and applications of technologies in human hands. Hopefully you have thought all of these choices through?

Gloria Steinem's "friendship" with the afore-mentioned Cdr. C.B. Jones, who demonstrably is and has been one of the higher placed "connections" among so-called paranormal researchers and "street-level" uses of what is termed in tradecraft as "applied anomalous phenomena," would have borne examination, especially given the reported "timing" of the appearance of SRA on the psychiatric scene. Whether "agents" or "assets," all of these folks are very closely connected and "inter-locking." Funding for the work of Dr. Braun at Rush-Presbyterian also would have been of more than passing interest to Frontline's viewers, as would have been a more circumspect examination of the so-called "Greenbaum" lectures and Cory Hayward's
allegations. There is independent corroboration of some of what he asserts, some of it from government publications or "gray literature" that is low-profile, but certainly not secret. Although I'm certain you have known of it and have decided to pursue "other threads," I must also call your attention to the reports of legal cases emanating from CIA's admitted abuses of
psychiatric patients at Allen Memorial Institute, in Canada, by CIA-sponsored (and Rockefeller-funded) practitioner, the late Dr. Ewen Cameron...who once was president of the World Psychiatric Association. Who funds Dr. Braun? Let me guess.

See: Thomas, Gordon. "Journey Into Madness." Bantam. 1989 (hardback) and 1990 (paper). Page 200-201 in the latter, will get you started just fine. Basically, other literature alleges that some of the "cult-like" contexts of so-called memory induction (allegedly to stimulate MPD's and "coded access" to
these so-called personality fragments by hypnotic suggestion) has been routinely used to protect couriers and operatives who are destined for insertion behind enemy lines, or who have had exposures to highly (dangerously) classified information which is so sensitive that extreme psychological protection measure such as that alleged is, at least theoretically, justifiable.

Also, the film's dismissive references to pre-WWII funding of "Nazi" (more accurately, Nazi-influencing) psychiatry and mental-health related "eugenics" practices, in Germany and in the U. S. before and after the war, can readily be traced to the Rockefeller funding. This is consistent with that family's long- standing interest in "selective breeding" of the human race,
supposedly to eliminate the "useless eaters" and other rif-raff among us, who apparently don't measure up to their econometric standards of "citizenry." Often, according to some published accounts, justifications for these kinds of beliefs have come from one or another of "occult doctrines" or trendy belief-systems frequently dabbled in by self-styled "elites."

Suffice it to say that some of us who have been analyzing the apparent Frontline strategies of related topics getting your "treatment" were not disappointed, at least insofar as our analyses are concerned. Journalistically, that's another story.

But "if you bring the football, you can make the rules," and your wealthy patrons, who funded the films you have packaged on these topics to the exclusion of a serious and balanced inquiry into human victimizations, and the intentions of whoever it is allegedly victimizing these folks, do get what they've paid for.

That you seemed to paint the alleged SRA excesses reported on tonight's program as motivated by financial greed was also a most clever disinformational strategy. To those of us who have seen the primary documentation, and interviewed many of these victims of some of these alleged mind-influencing experimental programs...and who also have documentation that links prominent people and their minions to such abuses, your reluctance to probe more deeply remains sadly frustrating.

It's understandable, considering your money sources and your vulnerabilities to political manipulation, particularly there in Boston where Harvard has been so desperate to keep its sordid complicities under wraps. But it's disappointing, nonetheless.

While I wish that the phenomena you "exposed" in tonight's program were indeed as ephemeral as you (and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, "CIA" and various psychiatric perpetrators) wish it might be, the actuality is even more sad.

Various techniques of hypnosis, personality reformulation and technological / pharmacological enhancements, which are not supposed to exist, have been used...and the name of science and "national security." That our enemies certainly did the same...and prompted at least some of our national response... is also clear. But for Frontline to maintain the cover-up in the disguise of an "expose'," is a very slippery slope for us all.

We'll hope that more information and additional courage will come your way. Until then, some of us just wanted you to know we're "out here" as X-Files alludes, wrestling with "the truth."

For you, it appears that, "Truth is what is believed." That is an unfortunate and cynical world-view. May it not come to haunt.

Best regards,

Dick Farley

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