Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Tears of Augusta, GA GOP Fascist Dave Barbee

Personal About Politics: Hypocrisy 101. Dave Barbee and Other Sordid Tales.

by Cheri Cabot

September 07, 2007

... Dave Barbee, head of the Richmond County Georgia Republican Party and on the Augusta Housing Authority board, sent a racial and politically charged e-mail to local developers, Braye and Clay Boardman last week.

In the e-mail, regarding a development project in downtown Augusta, Barbee wrote, “We will be making downtown whiter, with moving 200 whites in, and moving 500 blacks out!”

Rep. Quincy Murphy, US House District 120 said, “This e-mail discusses the political motivated strategy to change the ratio of blacks and white residents in downtown Augusta.”

With a tearful apology, Barbee explained that “it was poorly worded, that is was not intended to be insensitive, and that it was taken out of context.”

How can it be taken out of context when that is exactly what he wrote?

Barbee said it is all just a misunderstanding. This apparently taken from the Gonzales/Craig/GOP Handbook on the same page as the “I don’t recall” strategy.

Amid calls for his resignation Barbee stated, “I think it’s unfair, and I need to stay in my position, and fight for the people who live in these public housing projects.”

And just how would he be fighting for these people? By moving them out their homes?

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