Friday, October 26, 2007

Children of God: Underside of Cult Life Emerges

Note: The world views the GoG as Christian, but the inner-circle of CoG leadership is satanic, and given to authoritarian mind control, sexual abuse and other quasi-religious outrages. - AC

Underside of Cult Life Emerges
Arizona Daily Wildcat
By: Lindsey Hoshaw
Posted: 10/19/07

Almost three years after Children of God cult member Richard Rodriguez murdered Angela Smith and then committed suicide, a San Francisco journalist and a cult escapee are publishing books to spread awareness about the dark side of cult life.

Rodriguez's actions on Jan. 8, 2005, received instant publicity and drew attention to Tucson, where Smith's murder took place. The tragedy occurred after Rodriguez suffered years of abuse at the hands of his father and other cult members, including Smith.

Desperate for revenge, Rodriguez invited Smith to his apartment and stabbed her. He then drove across the California border, pulled out a handgun and shot himself.

"It's such a sensational, bizarre story," said Don Lattin, a San Francisco-based journalist whose book, "Jesus Freaks," about Rodriguez's life, came out last week. "I wanted to know how this could happen."

David Berg, Rodriguez's father and founder of Children of God, attracted thousands of followers worldwide. His practice sprung from Christian Evangelicalism but drastically distorted Biblical readings. ...

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