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Public-Supported Programming for Good Germans: Anti-Muslim Propaganda Funded by PBS, CNN & BBC

Hardcash for Good Germans: Anti-Islamist Propaganda Funded by PBS, CNN & BBC

YOUR "public-spirited" contributions to PBS - and costly cable payments - cover the expense of DISINFORMING YOU (mass thought control isn't cheap these days), and keep the fascist fires burning ...

"Why do they hate us?" Anyone who has to ask that question is a Good German. One reason they hate America is the immense, self-serving dishonesty of its media. And YOU made it possible. You also fund genocidal wars, CIA death squads in the Third World, the Patriot Act, Halliburton, global parapolitics (including political assassinations and foreign coups), toxic food additives, violent rap music, Nazi-Cola, Abu Sayyef, the World Bank and Rand Corporation social engineering. Incredibly, the US expects the blessings of the world in return - that's how sick and delusional the country's mass communication channels have made our Good Germans. Lap it up for now ... big shift coming your way ...

In the late 1980s, the power elite was informed by geopolitical scholar Ray Clines at the Center for Strategic and International Studies before his death that this "empire" on the hill has 20-30 good years left before China and Russia ascend to dominance. Cline's conclusion was based on a complex mathematical model that included all factors contributing to economic expansion - land mass (for asset development), strategic foreign alliances, population of labor age, Third World resource dominance, etc. America will go Third World.

The fascists at CSIS and its sibling think-tanks responded to Cline's bleak prophecy with the Project for a New American Century (to plan, lobby and propagandize toward the securing of strategic resource points around the globe - for the rich, not domestic prole security - as China and Russia rise militarily), the Bush administration (to manage the transformation to Third World-style dictatorship via Condor), the Office of Special Plans - and SEPTEMBER 11. And just think - the piggishness and willful denials of the Good Germans made it possible. Congratulations, Good Germans. You brought about the decline of America, everything Al Qaeda could hope to accomplish. Wave those flags.

- Alex Constantine

Who funds Hard Cash Productions?

Profiles In Courage - Ten filmmakers discuss the challenges of creating award-winning documentaries.

By George Winslow
April 2004

" ... Finding funding for expensive current-affairs programs is a major challenge, Henshaw admits. He has overcome that problem by frequently working with a limited number of partners—the BBC and Channel 4 in the U.K., and WGBH and CNN in the U.S. Having these backers on "both sides of the Atlantic who have been willing to invest in our projects and respect the integrity of our work" has been crucial to his success, he explains. High-quality current-affairs programming "can be extremely expensive to produce," he says. "Iran Undercover took a year to put together. ... "

Prosecutors accuse Channel 4 of distorting footage of preachers
By Jonathan Brown
09 August 2007

Channel 4 found itself engulfed in another row over an alleged fake programme last night after West Midlands Police complained to Ofcom about the editing of one of its documentaries.

Police had been asked to investigate the Dispatches film "Undercover Mosque", made by Hardcash Productions, in January because of concerns that it contained scenes that may have stirred racial hatred.

Shot at a number of mosques across Britain, including the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, it featured a preacher apparently praising the Taliban for killing a British soldier. Another was shown deriding homosexuals and non-believers. In its pre-broadcast publicity, Channel 4 described the programme as an extensive investigation revealing how a "chilling" message of "hatred and segregation" was being preached in UK mosques. But after viewing 56 hours of material, only a fraction of which made the final cut, a lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) claimed the editing process had "completely distorted" what speakers were saying and advised police to drop their criminal investigation.

The row comes amid an ongoing crisis of trust in British television after a string of scandals that has affected all the major terrestrial broadcasters.

Anil Patani, Assistant Chief Constable of the West Midlands, announced yesterday that the force was submitting a formal complaint to the television watchdog about the Dispatches programme.

The CPS's reviewing lawyer, Bethan David, said: "The splicing together of extracts from longer speeches appears to have completely distorted what the speakers were saying.

"The CPS has demonstrated it will not hesitate to prosecute those responsible for criminal incitement but, in this case, we have been dealing with a heavily edited programme, apparently taking out of context aspects of speeches which in their totality could never provide a realistic prospect of any convictions."

Dispatches' commissioning editor, Kevin Sutcliffe, denied any irregularities in the way the programme was made and said he was confident of defending the allegations should Ofcom choose to take them any further.

"West Midlands Police have made a very general allegation of unfairness against the programme and have produced no evidence to support their claims," he said. "We find it extraordinary they have gone public on these concerns without discussing them with us first."

Mr Sutcliffe went on: "We believe the comments made in the film speak for themselves. Several speakers were clearly shown making abhorrent and extreme comments... This was a thorough and detailed one-hour documentary, made over nine months, which allowed these comments to be seen in a fuller context."

The Metropolitan Police are looking into another edition of Dispatches broadcast on Monday night. "Britain Under Attack" explored the roots of Islamic extremism in the UK. In it, a man referred to as Abu Muhammed, his face disguised by a scarf, told British Muslims that they were "in a state of war" and that the bombings of 7 July were "justified".
Hardcash and Frontline

"'Forbidden Iran' is a Hardcash Productions film for FRONTLINE/World and Channel 4 ... "
Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: International Affairs
Source: BBC
Published: August 8, 2007
Author: BBC

Charges will not be brought against preachers featured in a Channel 4 Dispatches programme which looked at allegations of extremism in mosques.

West Midlands Police carried out an investigation into three speakers and their comments in the programme Undercover Mosque broadcast in January.

The CPS said the programme spliced together speech extracts completely distorting what the speakers said.

West Midlands Police said it was reporting the matter to Ofcom.

The CPS said there was not enough evidence to bring charges.

The programme investigated a number of mosques run by organisations claiming to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths.

An undercover reporter claimed to provide evidence that certain speakers preached messages of religious bigotry and extremism. ...


Journalists Behind 'Beneath the Veil' and 'Unholy War' Tell Their Stories
Aired December 26, 2001


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight: They put their lives on the line to reveal the Taliban's shocking secrets. Hear dramatic stories of how three journalists produced the ground-breaking documentaries, "Beneath the Veil" and "Unholy War" and their hopes for the future of Afghanistan.

Reporter Saira Shah who followed her heritage back to Afghanistan, Cassian Harrison, he directed "Beneath the Veil," and the director of "Unholy War" James Miller, they are all next, on LARRY KING LIVE!

Good evening we hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, yesterday, and welcome to another edition of LARRY KING LIVE. during these holiday times.

"Unholy War," that extraordinary documentary that followed "Beneath the Veil" we are going to repeat that on Saturday night, at 2:00 Eastern Time. "Beneath the Veil," the original presentation will repeat on Sunday, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. Our guests are all in London, let's start with Saira Shah the reporter on these documentaries, what drew you to Afghanistan?

SAIRA SHAH, REPORTER, "BENEATH THE VEIL": Well, for the first documentary, for "Beneath the Veil" it was really way before September 11, it was a time when people were asking me where Afghanistan was. But really what drew me there was my own personal family history. My father came from Afghanistan, I was born and brought up in England. And I was very happy to have the chance to go, and try to find out a little bit more about this sort of weird group of people called the Taliban who were ruling Afghanistan.

KING: And of course having no idea of the forthcoming events that would take place. Cassian what got you involved in the project?

CASSIAN HARRISON, DIRECTOR: Originally, it was an image as much as anything else, which is the image which begins "Beneath the Veil," which is the picture of a woman being shot on the football pitch at Kabul. David Henshaw (ph), the man who runs Hard Cash Productions, the company who originally made "Beneath the Veil" showed me this just, and said I am fascinated by this, I want to find out what's going on. Would you like to help me do this? And he and I began to do research to try and uncover what was going on. And then in the course of those research, obviously Saira became involved and also James, at that stage, I should say as well, he filmed "Beneath the Veil" for us, as well. ...

James Henry Dominic Miller (December 18, 1968 - May 2, 2003) was a Welsh cameraman, producer, and director, recognized with numerous awards. He often worked with Saira Shah, with whom he set up an independent production company called Frostbite Productions in 2001. He was killed by the Israel Defense Forces on May 2, 2003 while filming a documentary in Rafah. On April 6, 2006, an inquest jury at St Pancras Coroner's Court in London returned a verdict of unlawful killing, finding that he had been "murdered."[1]

The documentary (entitled Death In Gaza, released by HBO in 2004) which Miller was making on the day of his death depicts Miller and his colleagues leaving the home of a Palestinian family in the Rafah refugee camp after dark, carrying a white flag. They had walked about 20 metres from the veranda when the first shot rung out. For 13 seconds, there was silence broken only by Shah’s cry: "We are British journalists." Then came the second shot, which killed Miller. He was shot in the front of his neck. The bullet was Israeli issue, fired, according to a forensic expert, from less than 200 meters away. Immediately after the shooting, the IDF said that Miller had been shot in the back during crossfire. It later retracted this assertion. According to witnesses there was no crossfire and none can be heard on the APTN tape. [2] [3]

An IDF spokesperson made the following statement after Miller's death: "The IDF expresses sorrow at the death of the cameraman who entered a combat zone. Cameramen who knowingly enter a combat zone endanger themselves as well as the troops, and clearly run the risk of being caught in the crossfire." An IDF spokesperson described the circumstances of his death as occurring during "an operation taking place at night, in which the [Israeli] force was under fire and in which the force returned fire with light weapons." [4]

Miller and Shah traveled to her native Afghanistan to shoot footage for the films Beneath the Veil and Unholy War, for the British documentary company Hardcash Productions ( Prior to this, Miller filmed in Kosovo for Hardcash Productions films on Serbian massacres in 1999, which won an Emmy and a Royal Television Society award, and had filmed in Lebanon, Sudan and Algeria for the war news agency Frontline Television News. He has received dozens of awards, including a BAFTA, a Peabody, and an Emmy, for these and other works of his.


On March 9, 2005, the IDF announced the closing of the Miller case, announcing that the soldier believed responsible for the shooting would not be indicted. The army said military police had carefully investigated the incident but had been unable to establish the soldier's guilt. "The findings of the military police show that an Israel Defense Forces lieutenant, the commanding officer of the IDF force at the site, allegedly fired his weapon in breach of IDF Rules of Engagement," a statement said. "However, it is not legally possible to link this shooting to the gunshot sustained by Mr. Miller." The army did say that the soldier would be disciplined for misusing his weapon. It did not elaborate. [5]

IDF spokesman, Captain Jacob Dallal claims as IDF forces found terrorist weapons tunnel at the house, an anti-tank missile was fired at them when the IDF, under fire, shot back at the source of the attack. "James Miller was apparently hit during that exchange. That is when "he died after being evacuated by IDF soldiers for treatment." The Israeli military expresses sorrow at a civilian death, but it must be stressed that a cameraman who knowingly enters a combat zone, especially at night, endangers himself." [6]

Miller's family has expressed disappointment at the decision, and plan to ask an Israeli court to review the findings, in addition to seeking civil action for wrongful killing. Mr. Miller's widow, Sophy, said "Nothing can express our outrage that, waiting for two years and putting our faith in a system which has now failed to deliver, we still have prosecutors who suspect and continue to suspect a commanding officer and who will only bring disciplinary measures because of an initial flawed investigative process. The truth will come out and we hope the Israeli judicial system will mete out justice. This investigation does not serve the IDF, decent Israeli citizens, us, his family, and, above all, James."

British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons said she was "dismayed" by the decision. "I deeply sympathize with James' family, who have worked so hard to secure justice for James. The British government will continue to raise James's case with the government of Israel."

On May 2, 2005, Miller's family initiated a legal suit against the Israeli government. The family charge that the Israeli army did not act with reasonable caution when troops - members of the Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion - opened fire at Miller, who was holding a white flag. Miller’s widow Sophy said the family was determined to find justice and put an end to the "culture of impunity" within the army. “It is our hope that as well as accountability for James' death a successful civil case will go some way towards changing this and in doing so may make Israeli soldiers think twice about shooting innocent civilians," she told The Guardian.

The Israeli soldier who had fired was identified as Lieutenant Haib, is still in the army and has not been prosecuted or disciplined since the shooting. The Israeli Judge Advocate General recommended that he be disciplined but his commanding officer, Brigadier General Guy Tzur, overturned the decision. [7] Investigations found the shot was precise as from a sniper. [8]

Independent investigator and former weapons inspector Chris Cobb-Smith found there was no way the soldier fired by accident. [9]

Daniel Edge, a colleague of the victim, said Israeli soldiers put pressure on him to say that the shot came from Palestinians. He told the inquest: "They personally tried to get me to say the sentence 'James could have been shot by a Palestinian', which I refused to say." [10]

On April 6, 2006, the jury at St Pancras Coroner's Court in London returned a verdict of unlawful killing, finding that he had been "murdered". [1] Miller's family is now pressuring the British government to ensure his killer is prosecuted, accusing the Israeli authorities of "an abject failure to uphold the fundamental and unequivocal standards of international humanitarian and human rights law." [1]


1 a b c Tryhorn, Chris. Miller's family push for prosecution, The Guardian, Thursday April 6, 2006. Accessed April 7, 2006
3 Silenced Witnesses, The Independent, 30 October 2003

The Rory Peck Awards 2001

Ahn Chol - Children of the Secret State - North Korea
Hardcash Productions/ Channel 4 TV

The Undercover Mosque February 19, 2007

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The New Horizon
The Undercover Mosque

When I first posted this video it was quickly replaced with this message: “This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Hardcash Productions Ltd. because its content was used without permission”.

So even though it is 48 minutes long, it may not be posted on Google Video much longer. Fox news bought the US rights and used many portions to create their own version about the enemy within.

After seeing these hidden camera videos shot by UK Channel 4, you will understand why British Muslims are considered by the Zogby Poll to be the most radicalized in Europe and why “assimilation” is their greatest fear.

Coverage of September 11 Prominent Among This Year’s Recipients

ATHENS, Ga. — In a year marked forever by the terrorist attacks on America, the 61st annual Peabody Awards acknowledge programming related to September 11.

The Peabody Board recognized the ABC News organizations, citing their depth and breadth of coverage on and following that day. Awards were also presented to National Public Radio for its more than 180 hours of programming related to September 11 and to “Third Watch: In Their Own Words.” A special episode of this NBC series from John Wells Productions provides an occasion for police, fire and medical professionals to recount their personal experiences.

CNN Productions, Channel 4 International and Hard Cash Productions received an award for two documentaries, “Beneath the Veil” and “Unholy War,” both reported by Saira Shah. These powerful works chronicle the terror and violence in the lives of Afghan women. The board also awarded a Peabody to “America: A Tribute to Heroes,” produced by Joel Gallen and simulcast by more than thirty broadcast and cable networks.
MEANWHILE, at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. propaganda front, "when Muslims or Arabs are portrayed, it is always in a stereotypical way” ...

" ... Premiered on January 10, the drama portrays a Muslim family as a terrorist 'sleeper cell,' who are plotting attacks inside the US. ... "

Fox Cuts Out "Anti-Muslim" Scenes from “24”
From IslamOnline, with thanks to Xuereb:

WASHINGTON, January 16 ( & News Agencies) – The Fox television network has decided to remove some stereotypical aspects about American Muslims from its action drama “24” thanks to immediate action from community leaders.

“We thank Fox for the opportunity to address the Muslim community's concerns and for the willingness of network officials to take those concerns seriously in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation,” Rabiah Ahmed, Communications Coordinator of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a press release e-mailed to Saturday, January 15.

Following a January 12 meeting with representatives from CAIR, the largest US Muslim civil liberties advocacy group in the country, Fox officials promised that the popular series will be balanced in its portrayal of Muslims.

“There aren't any positive or even neutral portrayals of Muslims on TV,” the BBC quoting Ms Ahmed as regretting.

“When Muslims or Arabs are portrayed, it is always in a stereotypical way.”

Premiered on January 10, the drama portrays a Muslim family as a terrorist “sleeper cell,” who are plotting attacks inside the US.

A young man is seen helping his parents mastermind a plot to kill as many Americans by launching an attack on a commuter train.

The drama showed the mother poisoning her son's non-Muslim girlfriend because she poses a threat to their plans.

The US secretary of state is also seen taken hostage by the “Muslim terrorists.”

It climaxes with the defense secretary shown on an Internet video tape like those coming out of US-occupied Iraq.

Yes, all this is fanciful and prejudicial. 24 should have made it a band of Methodists. That would have been much fairer and more true to life.

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