Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Latest Ritual Abuse Whitewash

Click for one more entry in a "mean-spirited campaign," to quote LA Times editor Noel Greenwood, to discredit child victims of ritual abuse and exonerate the guilty. The usual media moonshine is repeated here - it reinforces the public opinion programming laid down by a CIA front known as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a perception management spin-off of NAMBLA, to disseminate anti-RA victim propaganda in the press.

Advocates of the victims are censored out (when was the last time anyone in the media actually interviewed one of the children or their parents or therapists? Recovered memories - the starting point if not foundation of most Western psychotherapies - are flatly rejected as fantasy in the press, despite the fact that hypnosis is common in RA to suppress a child's recollections of molestation and torture - and also despite the fact that a young child's natural predeliction is often to dissociate when traumatized) with facts related to ritual abuse, so denial based on lies and distortions is the only side of the argument ever presented in the "mainstream" press. Ridiculous caricatures of RA evidence, therapists and experts (some of whom are also planted to discredit the children) are all that ever reach the public, couched in shaggy-dog stories alleging a "hysterical child abuse witch hunt" that does not exist. The true witch hunt is waged against RA therapists to discredit their patients.

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