Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Jackson's Bud URI GELLER Interviewed by ITV

Uri Geller: I told Michael Jackson drugs would kill him
By Mark Jefferies

Michael Jackson’s close friend Uri Geller has revealed he told the superstar “You’re going to die” – because of his drug addiction. Psychic Uri gives an astonishing insight into his relationship with Jacko in a new ITV documentary.

Referring to when he found him motionless on a bed and high on drugs, Uri said: “You know I shouted, I really shouted. ‘Michael stop it, Michael you will die – you’re killing yourself. Look at you, the world needs you, nobody wants to lose you’.

And he was there in bed and he just stared at me and, you know, I’m sure he knew of course, I’m sure he knew but only God knows now why, why he did this.”

Uri, 62, said that Jacko, who died after collapsing from an alleged overdose on June 25, kept his drug problem hidden away.

He added: “I’ve never seen him take anything but I’ve seen the aftermath – and the aftermath sometimes was devastating.

“I couldn’t wake Michael up one day. I grabbed his body and I kind of tried to wake him up.

“I was really concerned. I said, ‘Michael what have you done, what have you taken? Michael open your eyes. Are you OK?’.”

When confronted, Jacko would say: “Don’t tell me – this is my private life. Stop, stop there.”

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JohnBaker68 said...

I don't trust Uri Geller - I don't think he was a 'friend' to MJ but something quite the opposite. He introduced him to Martin Bashir who made the documentary that was to be his downfall (full of lies and manipulation) and now that he is dead he is perpetuating the myth that he basically killed himself, even after the coroners have ruled it homocide.

Those around him said he was in great shape, as fit as he had ever been, and yet individual figures like Uri Geller keep up the mantra that he was addicted to all these drugs. When interviewed shortly after Jackson died, Geller declined to say when he had last seen Michael - it was quite obvious that he hadn't seen him in some time, but the media continually turn to him as this supposedly 'close friend' of MJ's.