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Michael Jackson was Guilty of Pedophilia - Those who Defend Him have been Misled

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"The cover-up proves the crime ... "

By Alex Constantine

As my previous post explained, Michael Jackson retained a powerful Washington, D.C. PR firm that specializes in "damage control."

The damage to Jackson's image was pedophilia.

The many excuses we've heard over the years - that Jackson paid out $20-million in a gold-digging shakedown, that he enjoyed sleeping with children (after "Jesus Juice") to evoke a childhood that he never experienced - are "damage control," plausible tales of deniablility spun by professional media manipulators.

Jackson was a pedophile.

Media-addicted (to escape hard, everyday reality in a parafascist state), celebrity-worshipping (same explanation) fans who care more about MTV glitter than the welfare of children cite cooked arguments and cling to an inflated bias in his defense.

Dezenhall Resources, the PR firm I mentioned, largely represents political and corporate "insiders" who face legal problems brought on by violations of law. The same is true in Jackson's case.

Jackson's defenders are misinformed, blinded by glitz and lies. Those who read anything at all beyond the gossip columns will cite an article that appeared in GQ magazine in October, 1994, by Mary A. Fischer. The article was titled, "The Framing of Michael Jackson." It is chock-a-block with misrepresentations that would be considered perjury in a courtroom. But GQ magazine was not a courtroom (not even a very credible publication), and in print Ms. Fischer could allege practically anything.

She could claim, for instance, that the said $20-million bribe was not really a bribe at all, that it was much less than the plaintiff asked for - and so has negligible significance as evidence of guilt. But most settlements are a compromise, after all, and there goes the argument. This sort of twisted reasoning, "spin," is what PR firms do, and I think it's very possible that Ms. Fischer and Jackson's powerful, well-connected public relations team devised this argument to discard the appearance of wrongdoing in that $20-million BRIBE.

Fact is, I knew all about Ms. Fischer when the article was published. I was in a unique position to uderstand what she was up to in that article - she is a professional liar who will write an article defending the guilty for a major publication for pay. I'd known this for some time. By 1994, I'd had long, painful experience as a journalist turning back her published disinformation - in the "mainstream" press - on ritual child abuse.

Ms. Fischer is a professional journalistic painted lady - like the drug company ghost writers who pen articles claiming that a medication with serious side effects is really safe. She's one of those. But Mary Fischer doesn't write deceptive articles for drug companies, though - she prefers child molesters.

There is a school of pedophile advocates in the media. They began 20 years ago with profitable ties to the Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), though that connection is currently obscured and they operate as moles in the press. They often cry "child abuse witch-hunt" at the drop of a hat. In the public print, they libel anyone who writes intelligently about ritual abuse/mind control.

They are vermin.

In the past, she had written articles discrediting the McMartin Preschool sex abuse allegations. I also covered the case in detail and knew, as no else did, that she was lying. Again, her facts and reasoning were deliberately skewed, following a script written by members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF - whose first chairman, Dr. Ralph Underwager, had formerly been a NAMBLA official, and the media tactics are familiar becaue he was a media darling for pedophile apologias widely quoted by leading newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and London's Times), a CIA/pedophile front that concocts bogus psychological and legal arguments to discredit victims of mind control, RA and organized pedophilia.

She was hired by a propagandist named Abby Mann to make liars of children who'd been drugged, molested, video-taped for the lucrative child porn market, and tortured in a pre-school setting. The childrens' allegations were true but made to look ridiculous in the media. The press lied and spun the case to discredit them.

Mary Fischer was one of a small circle of "journalists," all connected by the FMSF, who wrote articles claiming that the McMartin children had "false memories." Newspapers would not print evidentiary articles supporting the children. Only one side was actually presented - defending the teachers who'd been "falsely accused" - and supporters of the children were blacklisted. All of this took place very quietly, behind the scenes, and only the parents and children of McMartin understand what happened. The public doesn't comprehend what really went on at the school because the disinformation spun by Ms. Fischer and another media liar who "reported" on the McMartin case, Debbie Nathan (who went on to work for NAMBLA's Dr. Underwager), among others, was widely disseminated. They convinced the public that ritual abuse, a cover for mind control operations, was a figment of young fertile imaginations and therapist coercion - a "witch hunt."

Ms. Fischer is a cover-up artist. She might be described as a PR hack for rich pedophiles.

Her arguments are specious when you examine them closely and do a little fact-checking, but the average reader of GQ in 1994 didn't understand her history, and swallowed the lies intended to clear Michael Jackson in public opinion of crimes he really did commit.

The cover-up proves the crime, as they say - in a sense, Mary Fischer has done us all a favor. Her article proposing that Jackson was "framed," coming from a hired-pen with a history of lying about child abuse, is hard evidence of his guilt.

In the past I've had reservations about the allegations. Now I have no problem stating without a doubt that Jackson sexually handled children. A paid cover-up artist ran to his defense, pulling out arguments that reek of PR tactics, and her toxic moonshine was splashed across magazine stands across the country.

That was the final straw, IMhO. Jackson, as his own sister maintained on national television, was guilty of child molestation. Having been reminded by a reader of this blog of Fischer's article, I now harbor no doubts.

And there is another factor that complicates everything. Roseanne Barr maintains that Jackson told her of his Dissociative Identity Disorder - multiple personalities. It is possible that one of his alter personalities molests children. This is the door to another facet of the case, an unexamined one that could explain everything. But that door leads to a room full of implications that need to be explored at length - and I'm eagerly looking forward to the day someone in the media explores that room.


fischerfinder said...

Bravo, Alex.
Another great article.
Hope all is well with you.

Jackie McGauley

LostHighlander said...

Alex, are you familiar with true crime author Aphrodite Jones and her book, "Michael Jackson Conspiracy"?

Here you can see her speak about it two years ago:

Wikipedia says of her:

***Aphrodite Jones is a true crime writer published by Pinnacle Books and HarperCollins Publishers and is an occasional guest on television programs to provide commentary on crime topics, such as CNN, The O'Reilly Factor, E! True Hollywood Story and The Today Show. Her books have been ranked as high as #4 on the New York Times Best Seller list.***

Additionally, MJ's sister La Toya recanted her statement about him, saying that her abusive husband at the time had coerced her into making the statement. Wikipedia puts it this way:

***In December 1993 Gordon hastily arranged a press conference in Tel Aviv, where he had Jackson read a statement that she believed sex abuse allegations against her younger brother Michael. According to La Toya, Gordon threatened to have siblings Michael and Janet killed if she didn't follow his orders.***

Anonymous said...

Mj was violently abused as a child, by joe and others. This has been revealed by a childhood friend who PASSED not 1 but 2 lie detector tests. None of this was given any media fan fair, quietly slipped into a tiny New York Times article and seen by very few. Indications of this has also been revealed by a number of his siblings. That he was taken to hotel rooms late at night and would come back sick. Etc.

It is known that children of abuse can develop multiple personalites, espcially if they were (Most likely) MKULTRA handled being a celebrity/child of a very money hungy and abusive hollywood parent.

Further there is a video which you can see on youtube where Michael Jackson GIVES CONTROL OF HIS ENTIRE ESTATE OVER TO TWO PEOPLE WHICH HE NAMES. There is another video where Michael says he DOESN'T REMEMBER DOING OR SAYING THAT AT ALL. They ask if it was the medications he was on. He gives a doubtful "could be" "I don't know." Now if Michael Jackson could flip mode to giving over his life blood and not remeber how much more inconsequential would a little fiddling be. I'm not saying that he absolutley didn't remember, but it is very plausable. That doesn't get him off, of course, because somewhere, he is that person. And the easy access to children, made it happen.
But it's sad when you look at how long he tired to stay a vergin and how many good intentions he started out having. I think he sexually starved himself so much.. that he intesified the likelyhood of it happening. He said his biggest mistake in life was not getting it on with Brooke Shields (in so many words.)

If he did have serious dissassociative disorder from the abuses he endured..which are insanely awful.(He, who is always reluctant to put down dear ole dad even admitted he was stripped, slicked down with oil and beaten by Joe) He tied the noose and slipped it over his head when he made his carnie playland. He wasn't well enough to do the great deeds he was trying to do. He wasn't well enough to be around children.
He had too much buried inside and it wriggled it way out, Im sure he didnt have much self control. It doesn't make it right. But he probably had a very skewered view on normal by that point and like I said he sexually straved himself, and he wasn't capable of sticking to his own self deneyal.

SinaiStars said...

Good evening Alex,

thank you for blogging your thoughts and research !

I never was a fan of MJ or somebody else.
Iam not into celebreties and that stuff.

ButI was somehow upset about MJs death and was really obsessive about finding out the truth.
I am also sure he did molest boys.
I still cant hate him though...
maybe thats the effect of some mind control ;-)