Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MediaBistro.Com Compares Hugo Chavez to Mussolini

By Alex Constantine

Hugo Chavez is a socialist, opposed to the corporate state, but the "reporters" at MediaBistro.Com are comparing him to the capitalist dictator who coined and defined the word "fascism": "Venezuelan sabre rattling: Venezuela's aspiring Mussolini-in-training Hugo Chavez is preparing for his own, down-home invasion of Ethiopia by deploying troops to the Colombian border. Chavez's justification? The murder of a Colombian rebel leader on Ecuadorean soil. Ecuador has also ordered troops to Colombia's border, withdrawn their ambassador from Colombia and expelled Colombia's ambassador to the country."

Benito Mussolini

That's quite an insult to Chavez, this comparison to Mussolini, who tortured socialists like Chavez, spied on and propagandized his people, waged illicit wars, much like Presidenté W. El Sinestro-Satano in Gringo-Norté. MediaBistro.Com in liberal - ah, "far-left" Hollywood - hates Hugo Chavez. How to account for THAT? ...

Anyways, drop the CIA spin, and it turns out that Chavez is not the aggressor in this conflict:

"Bogotá ratchets up tension with call for Chávez to face genocide charges"

Rory Carroll in Caracas and Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá
The Guardian
March 5 2008

"Venezuelan and Ecuadorean troops deployed on Colombia's frontier last night as South America's military and diplomatic crisis escalated into a dangerous showdown between President Hugo Chávez and Colombia's US-backed government."

What's eating Ecuador, anyways?

"Venezuela started shutting crossing points on the 1,400-mile border to try to isolate its neighbour after Bogotá made a series of extraordinary allegations about the Venezuelan leader funding Marxist guerrillas intent on building A URANIUM-ENRICHED 'DIRTY' BOMB."

Dirty bomb? Chavez? Who wrote the script for this one? G. Diablo W. "Dumbo" Luciferius? Here's another ludicrous accusation that the state propagandists at MediaBistro.com need to pick up on:

"Colombia proposes to denounce Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, in the international criminal court for sponsoring and financing genocide," said President Alvaro Uribe."

The little Benitos at the CIA's MediaBeastRow.com can score a significant propaganda victory with that one - "genocide." Like the mass murders committed by, oh, I don't know, say, the CIA. If the essence of Mr. Mussolini is to be found anywhere, it's in Langley, home of the Jackals, not Venezuela. Most of the liberals, um, "far-leftists," in Hollywood already know that. Laurel Touby should send out one of her useful idiots to talk to one of them.


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