Saturday, March 15, 2008

Republican Homicidal Rage: Case History #1


I biked to the library and some asshole in a black SUV almost ran me over -- I was on the sidewalk. I yelled and slid my bike down on the sidewalk otherwise the rightard would have run right over me.

This time I was able to take off after the fucker since he was forced to stop at Alosta near Grand. I got up beside his driving side and he was looking in his rear view mirror looking for me. I tapped on the window and motioned him to roll the window down.

The rightard clicked his door locks and rolled the window down half way. I said, "You know you almost ran over me, asshole?"

The rightard grinned and said, "Yeah, I did. So?"

I said, "You must be a mother fucking Republican, huh?"

That took the smile off. The rightard once again clicked his door locks and started rolling up his window, inching forward looking for a gap in Alosta traffic so he could run the red light and make a left turn onto Alosta. I said, "Yeah, you're a mother fucking Republican."

As his window started going up the rightard said, "You'd better watch out" to which I replied, "You're a fucking mother fucking Republican, all right" as he ran the red light and sped away.

In the passenger seat of this rightard's huge SUV sat some middle age woman -- probably the dickless Republican's wife.

Truth: You put dickless Republicans in an SUV and they're suddenly Uber Assholes, willing to deliberately run people over on bikes, trying to make themselves believe they're real men.

Fucking rightards.

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