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Response to David Week: Why I am not a "Conspiracy Theorist"

David Week
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Re: Alex Constantine

"If Constantine's information is corroborated other researchers (and I assume you mean non-CT researchers), please cite them. Please do not cite UFO, crop circle, psychic phenomenon or 9/11 sites. I will accept reputable, peer-reviewed journals or credentialed academic and research institutions.",53072,53072

David Week: Everyone who has looked into it knows the academic journals are compromised by the corporate foundations that fund them. Why don't you?

Re your facile use of innuendo - I ask you: Why on earth would you find my work at UFO, crop circle, etc. sites? I've never written about crop circles, and I've debunked the whole notion of "aliens" on earth. I do not promote "alien" moonshine, despite your mistaken impression of my work.

Government and military intelligence operatives write the disreputable material found at those sites - to discredit legitimate researchers like myself.

Your statement about me is misleading, yet you accuse ME of false reporting.

"Conspiracy theorist" is a canard, too. Fascism is intrinsically conspiratorial, so I could only stop writing about conspiracies if I stopped writing about fascism. Is this what bothers you, that I write about fascism?

Abusing the messenger is a way to cling to your corrupt affinities, I suppose.

Who has corroborated my research outside the conspiracy realm? Off the top of my head, the Observer says Covert War is "one of the best music books ever written." The NY Times won't review it, though - that's censorship, a "conspiracy."

Last month, the American Chronicle, not a site for conspiracy buffs, based (it was borderline plagiarism) a story on my research on McMartin Preschool at:

All Power to the People, produced by a Black Panther, corroborates my information on the murders of that party and explores them in detail w/interviews of the people who lived through it.

Charles Higham, the best-selling biographer in the world last time I checked, credits me (for interviews by the author) at the beginning of his book on UK's Prince Philip, Elizabeth and Philip: The Untold Story of the Queen of England and Her Prince.

You'll find a number of ritual abuse sites that post and expand upon my research, eg.

ACHES-MC: (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control) Resources for survivors of nonconsensual experimentation, including mind control experimentation involving children, prisoners, mentally incapacitated, and military personnel and their families.

Smartnews is also a supporter of my work on RA:

The Nation's Alex Cockburn has discussed the CIA and the Press, and referred readers to my article on Mockingbird in Virtual Government (2007).

The Aspartame Victims's Support Group has corroborated my work on NutraSweet:

Mission Possible in Atlanta also supports my work on aspartame, with a fervor, in fact - work that has probably saved thousands of lives.

But condescend, David Week, if it floats your boat. It all comes out in the wash.

This is only a small sample of researchers outside the conspiracy field who have corroborated my work; as I say, off the top of my head. Is this enough? These are not journals funded by Pew, Rockefeller, etc. foundations, couduits for the CIA and fascist corporate fronts, "credentialed" liars - brainwashed academics read Foreign Affairs, for instance, and live in a narrow, "elite" universe, a false construct that bears no resemblance to the real world. So do Americans in general. That's why there's a popular song called "American Idiot."

So far as I know, I've never harmed you in any way. but you have recklessly made accusations against me that are false and insulting.

Have you ever considered that I've written for scores of publications, none of them conspiratorial in theme, including the LA Weekly, High Times, and yes, Hustler, etc. - and each had fact-checkers? (The most stringent, curiously enough, were at Hustler. It takes three of them a week to check every sentence, and if one period can't be supported, it goes out. Flynt is very particular about accuracy, whereas some of the "mainstream" magazines are much more lax. A Judith Miller wouldn't last one day at Flynt Enterprises.)

One of the fact-checkers I've worked with closely in the past is David Armstrong, who writes for Harper's and other mainstream publications.

Are you so removed from reality that you don't recognize it, and therefore call me names, drop me in a falsely-labelled box for easy dismissal? Pathetic.

- Alex Constantine

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Unknown said...

Alex, you are such a classy guy. I don't think Mr. Twinky-dink deserved it. He still thinks the earth is flat. Your work on Aspartame alone has indeed saved countless lives and health, mine included. McMartin Pre-school, mind control, survivors of the vast networks of bottomless depravity, all of this work and much more has guided people out of the carnival of lies. Perhaps it's not so much you that the man is uncomfortable with. Maybe the idea that it's all true is really what's causing his indigestion. Urp. It's a bitch but there it is anyway.