Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Tip for NPR

Dear NPR: You are sitting on a huge political scandal and can turn those sagging listener-support stats around by doing a series on intelligence-underground interactions with your own news people - the ones who talk to us like small children, and glibly assure us, for example, as lubricious Quaker weekend anchor Scott Simon did last year, that "there has never been evidence that anyone but Oswald killed John Kennedy."

And pimping for the military, America's corporate killers, is unforgivable - you are not a branch office of the DoD. Using fear to herd us into submission to lightly-disguised fascist rule under a brain-damaged nazi is McCarthyesque. Such a "public service" - and you swindle your listeners into (partially) paying for it!

Your phony "coverage" of the aborted (by us bloggers) Brennan CIA nomination, another example, was influenced by CIA folk at your very own network. This scandal needs to hit the fan, and if it takes a small application of non-internal-organ-damaging waterboards to make you-all talk about NPR support of (state-sanctioned) terrorism, so be it. We're at "war" with terrorists! Have you heard?

Some of us are tired of trying to keep you honest, so perhaps you could appoint a real ombudsman - if "real" applies to your bullshit operation at all - who could explain to NPR's avuncular, seemingly bone-headed anchors, for instance, what Newt Gingrich is really about. Expose the CIA at NPR - and PBS while you're at it - can't hurt the ratings. Airing your own dirty, blood-spattered laundry would be a breath of fresh air. Deep down, your poor, mind controlled listeners will appreciate it, too.

Fade, Closing Song: "And if that Mockingbird won't sing,
AC's going to give them another sting ... "

- I'm Alex Constantine and You're Tuned to "Blacklist," brought to you by Amgen, the Annenberg Front, The Alfred P. "Quisling" Sloan Foundation - and readers just like you ...

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