Thursday, February 12, 2009

The CIA and Cybernetics (Part Two): God and Golem - Norbert Weiner Plays with Brain Waves and Conceives the Internet

"Wiener's vision of cybernetics had a powerful influence on later generations of scientists, and inspired research into the potential to extend human capabilities with interfaces to sophisticated electronics, such as the user interface studies conducted by the SAGE program. Wiener changed the way everyone thought about computer technology, influencing several later developers of the Internet, most notably J.C.R. Licklider.

"In 1964, Norbert Wiener won the US National Medal of Science. In the same year, he published one of his last books called God and Golem, Inc.: A Comment on Certain Points Where Cybernetics Impinges on Religion."

Dr. Becker's book Crosscurrents, 1990: " ... As a result of these comments (fluctuations of magnetic fields of the earth may cause undesirable behavioral changes), I was contacted by Dr. James Hamer of Northrop Space Laboratories, who informed me that his group was already involved in this area. He also noted that Dr. Norbert Weiner of MIT, the originator of cybernetics, had been interested in the same subject. Weiner had been involved in a German experiment in which human volunteers were unknowingly exposed to a low-intensity, 10-Hz electrical field. The subjects reported feelings of unease and anxiety when the fields were turned on. Both Hamer and Weiner were working under the assumption the ELF internal rhythms in the brain were determinants of behavior, and that pulsing external fields could 'drive' these internal rhythms, thereby altering behavior. ... "
The Internet Begins with the CIA, ARPA and a student of Weiner:


ARPA [set up] to carry out "blue skies" research

CIA claims that America is threatened by a growing "cybernetics gap" with Russia

ARPA appoints JCR Licklider to organise its research into information technologies because - like the Russian cybernetic communists - he's a disciple of Weiner

Licklider prioritises computer networking under the cover of enabling the time-sharing of mainframes and improving military communications

Marshall McLuhan predicts that the Net will create the global village in his 1964 best-seller Understanding Media

US government sets up Towards Year 2000 commission under [CIA's] Daniel Bell in 1964 to devise the American ideological alternative to cybernetic communism

ARPANET launched in 1969; Daniel Bell and Zbigniew Brzezinski publish articles prophesising that - under American leadership - the Net will create a new post-industrial stage of human civilisation

McLuhanism without McLuhan is embraced as the dominant ideology by both radical and conservative intellectuals within the American empire

After successive reiterations, the Net becomes either the triumph of dotcom capitalism or the advent of cybernetic communism - or both at the same time.


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