Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Order of Constantine and Me

By Alex Constantine

A British National Party supporter - and obvious Prozac candidate - on the Net, Mr. Troy Space, recently went ballistic after I posted a story critical of the BNP, widely recognized as a fascist organization in the UK, with a known history of Nazi collaboration. Troy Space proceeded to post a series of flames regarding little old me, and he asked scornfully if I am named for the Order of Constantine.

No, actually, I'm not.

But he took the liberty of answering the question himself in the affirmative - a very strange thing to do - believing, I guess, that he was aggravating me, and that anyone reading his little treatise would be persuaded that I am sinister if he planted the idea that I have some connection to the Order of Constantine.

I don't, but Troy Space went on for several paragraphs anyways explaining the history of this conspiratorial Vatican order ... carried on as if I am somehow connected to it. (Troy also reposted a decade-old flame claiming groundlessly that I "take LSD," lame troll talk. I have enemies, like any anti-fascist worth his salt ... )

It's only a name, actually, not a declaration of affinity to a church - one that I often lambast for collaborating with Nazis - like the BNP.

I'm not even a Catholic. I'm an athiest who believes there's no easy way out.

My name has no connection to the Order of Constantine, but now I am somehow - in Mr. Troy Space's unfathomable little mind - tied to the Vatican, and everyone must really watch out for me.

In subsequent posts, he goes on to link me to the conspiratorial fraternity as if his argument about my name makes some kind of sense.

I say again: My name has nothing to do with the Order of Constantine.

Bear in mind, that at his home page, Troy Space writes: "The intention for this resource is to provide a central database on the internet for posting both original & sourced articles on the true inner workings of the Illuminati & the New World Order."


Troy Space should obviously stop being a candidate and get some psychiatric help. I know the history of the term "Illuminati," and Troy Space's use of that term is offensive to any real anti-fascist.

BTW, does his name have anything to do with outer space? I think it does, and let me tell you: space is vacuous, like my sorry detractor. ...

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