Thursday, August 16, 2007

AC Note on "Curio" and Cyber-Stalker Mario Nitrini

There is an old UseNet post that claims I am really someone who went by the name "Curio." I posted a response denying the allegation at the time, and since have corresponded with and met "Curio," one D.N., who lives in the San Diego area. I am not HER, and do not live in San Diego. Every once in a while, though, someone finds the old posts and runs off to make hay about my identity.

Also, I've been CYBER-STALKED lately by someone named MARIO NITRINI, who has repeated defamations levelled at me regarding my torture at the hands of the US government. He considers torture amusing, at least my own. Every so often, I come across a sicko who doesn't like me, or care about fascism, and has a good laugh over the years of pain that I endured. Nitrini has repeated slurs made by 1) Michael Aquino, a satanist cult leader, and 2) a man who attacked another of my critics with a hammer, is into S&M - I have a tape of him torturing a woman and a photo of damage done to his own home after he bashed in a door with a hammer and threatened to kill his roommate.

But Nitrini doesn't care that his sources are sick, though, or suspects in multiple child molestation cases - as long as they smear Alex Constantine.

So smear away. I'll endure.

- AC

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