Monday, August 27, 2007

Response to S.M. Elliott

Elliott writes at the BlueApples blog writes:

First I was an accessory to war crimes after the fact...

Now I'm with the CIA.

Apparently, I'm busier than I seem. Here I really thought I was accomplishing something this week by getting my two favorite Sims to fall in love with other.

Below is a message posted by writer Alex Constantine on his blog Alex Constantine's Blacklist. I don't mind being mistaken for a man or a mole, but being accused of watching Fox News... that just hurts. ...

This is frightfully ironic. You see, I actually like Alex Constantine. I read his book about the FBI's COINTELPRO campaigns against the music industry, and it was excellent (I was particularly disturbed by the hateful anti-hippie cartoons of Al Capp).

Constantine is the intellectual heir apparent to Mae Brussell, an intriguing lady. Ah, well. I already knew that mole-sniffing is an art, and like all art is subjective: My grandmother, off her meds, once accused my mother of being an FBI agent who had something to do with the murder of MLK. She was 13 when he died.

I guess this is my Plamegate. I already went through a presidential scandal involving naughty stuff in an office (no cigars or stains, though).

That said, there is nothing funny about Satanic panic. It has ruined lives, careers, families, and entire communities, and continues to do so. I may joke on this blog, but The Devil Appears is serious.

- S.M. Elliott

To: S.M. Elliott:

"Heir" to Mae Brussell ... the latest murder attempt destroyed my favorite van. But I should complain - Mae Brussell's daughter was killed in an orchestrated car crash. (The drunken, off-duty Marine who ran into the car never so much as appeared in court.) I should be dead many times over, too, but survived to tell you to suck an egg.

If you like and trust my research, then you know that aspartame is formaldehyde - it is very toxic. A friend of mine has lost most of his eyesight as a result of drinking beverages "sweetened" with the toxin.

And you deny it. I challenged you to produce documentation that aspartame is safe.

You posted nada.

I don't like toxic lies. You tried to discredit my work on aspartame, a personal consumer issue. I'm trying to save lives by getting the uninformed off the toxin - you tried to stop me.

Do you take pride in injuring your readers?

Ridicule me again ... you lost the debate and have nothing left to say.

I said that you received your "knowledge" of Duncan's "suicide" from Kate Coe - a Murdoch operative. Coe is from the Ann Coulter circle. Then told you to watch Fox. You took information from Coe, are a mind controlled zombie, apparently.

And a liar. Live with the disrepute you deserve. I gave it to you, will be happy to dress you up in it again anytime. Lie about me or my work again, I will ask for more documentation on a statement that you can't support. You'll have to babble about "meds" - liars can't support their claims. And you know that the heir of Mae Brussell's ... problems ... will break you off at the knees with research.

- AC

PS: "Satanic Panic" is one of your many undocumentable (when you get down to it) lies. Been there, done that. You and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation exist to discredit the victims of mind control activity. I exposed the FMSF long ago. You I'm exposing now. Same kettle of fish. Wallow in it. You are a collaborator in crimes aginst children, and don't want to come across as that. Too bad. I see you for what you are. That's what Constantines do. Poison yourself with asparatame, for all I care. It's the innocent that I'm trying to protect. The moles should follow their own advice on aspartame. Where's the libel suit? Haven't I defamed you by labelling you publicly as a mole? No. You deny it indirectly, by suggestion, above, but aren't you angry? I would be. I'd probably threaten to sue. But you take it in stride. Good little mole. I like you, too.

See: "S.M. Elliott - A Mole and his Blog"

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