Saturday, August 18, 2007

Retired Military Officer Arrested for Child Porn
Aug 16, 2007

(AP) FLORENCE, Ala. A retired military officer in Lauderdale County was jailed on $200,000 bond after he was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography.

Florence police said David Gruber, 67, of Killen was charged with 38 counts of possession Wednesday.

Gruber is a retired military officer and a longtime member of the Florence Rotary Club. He's also a personal financial adviser.

"We'll never understand something like this because anyone who gets sexually turned on by watching children involved in sexual acts cannot be explained," said police Lt. Randy England.

He said officers were alerted by a technician who spotted images of child pornopgraphy on a home computer that Gruber was having repaired. England said a search warrant was obtained and officers seized the computer from Gruber's house in Turtle Point Village.

England said it's unlikely that any of the children in the downloaded photos were local residents.

Attempts to reach Gruber's lawyer were unsuccessful Thursday afternoon.

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