Monday, August 27, 2007

S.M. ELLIOTT: A Mole's Blog

[Corrected and revised - Elliott is a femme, not a man, and I referred to her as "he" first time around. I apologize for the mistaken assumption. - AC]

There is a blogger on the Net - S.M. ELLIOTT - who is part of the "Satanic Panic" disinformation campaign, which covers up federal involvement in cults. This is a game that has gone of for about 20 years to discredit victims of abuse related to mind control activity, many of them children.

Elliott, one of these clowns, claims that ritual abuse claims are "exagerrated" - and if you buy it, you, too, are a victim of CIA mind control.

S.M. Elliott's is propaganda for the uninformed - opinion formation. For full documentation of satanic crimes, many unreported due to media censorhip, see:

S.M. Elliott also claims that aspartame is safe to ingest. He is a dangerous criminal, not a blogger. (I've been doing this full-time for 20 years and can smell a mole a mile away. Elliott is one of them. Consumer beware.)

I invite Elliott to sue me for libel if I have sullied his reputation. But he won't sue for libel. He's a MOLE and has no grounds to sue.

He's a soldier in the ongoing covert war against "conspiracy theorists," a phenomenon I've been writing about for a month now. It may turn into a book ...

Judge for youself. Ms. Elliott's FoxNews-level propaganda is posted here:

- AC

PS: Question - how many CIA blogs are out there disinforming us and molding opinions with flagrant lies? Who wouldn't want to know? Please write to your local congressperson and ask.


Hawkeyi's Blog said...

SME, is not a mole, I can vouch for that Sir.

You would be farther ahead to debate SME rather than judge so quickly. Take 3 deep breaths, calm down and debate SME. Ask SME intelligent civil questions so we all can learn by your debates.

I don't always agree with SME myself but your far better off to have civil debate than fabricating false accusations about SME especially when you have no knowledge of this person.

Cheer up! no seriously! cheer
up... SME is no agent, opinionated and a dedicated researcher yes, but not a mole, I guarantee! You both could help each other!

S.M. Elliott said...

Actually, I'm a Canadian housewife.

I responded to your comment, Mr. Constantine, but here I'll just say that I don't mind being mistaken for a man or a mole, but, dude...please don't accuse me of watching Fox News. That just hurts.

My Satanic info is actually at (my personal blog is mostly bunny photos). If you can tell me where I'm going wrong, please do. If I knew everything, I wouldn't be curious.