Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Re Iron Man is Real and Raytheon's Got Him - Commentary by Victor SR Moore

With all the $Trillions that the Republican Fascist Spies of Europes Evil Empires have robbed from U.S.A. tax dollars, consumer dollars, Narcotics
monopolies globally, fake money laundering fronts, Propaganda lie factories, lobbyists $bribes, Party $donations, $billions in foreign oil, $80billion plus in Enron successful looting of USA, raised Electric & Natural Gas "CRISIS" rates to "FIX-IT," petroleum prices doubled, injured soldiers robbed to pay their own medical bills, etc. THE USA MILITARY SERVICE COMBAT PERSONNEL STILL HAVE NEARLY NO BODY ARMOR!!!

The 1960s Viet Nam flack jackets are still in use. They were never a medium or large anti-bullet class. They were shrapnel & small bullet class armor only. The vehicles were too seldom armor class also. The soldiers, families & communities were raising finance to help commercially purchase body armor, & vehicle armor like the spray product "Rhino." Soldiers, off duty have been securing scavenged scrap metal & sand bags to improve armor on vehicles. LIke George Washingtons Army starving to death & wrapping newspapers on bloody frost bitten toes in the snow.

and some other organizations have helped to improve armor provisions.

The cheapest body armor & ammo: Fowt Wuth Tex-aSS.

Cheapest body armor in U.S.A., military camping surplus stuff/including
Commie Junk. $400 was the cheapest body armor I had seen, decades old beat up Commie stuff.

Not very safe/ efficient body armor class. Many different makes & models out there. Usually $1,000. $3,500. for higher end, new hi-tech stuff. Herr Rumsfeld saagan: "You can't have the Army you want, you have to work
with the Army you've got." This Nazi Mafioso Draft Dodging Chicken-Hawk
War-Crimes CEO-of-Fortune gloats on a pile of blood stained gold, wiping his ass on the Constitution & Bill of Rights. New families weep at the grave every month. So what's the price tag on the Super-Robo-Ubber-Mench suit? $120,000? $500,000?Over a $million? The first months of the offense in Iraq, many soldiers didn'thave adequate food or drink supply. Cue Alex Constantine's diet soda-pop rat poison aspartame Gulf Vets Illness from the Operation Storm-Troopers in the Desert-Fox Kuwait offense during BuSSh I. In this one, Dick Cheney & Prescott BuSSh Haliburton was robbing $10. per soda pop to "Support the Troops."

For body armor, they should at least supply an armored camouflaged jock
strap with a Pepsi-Cola-Heroin-Aspertame & Iran-Contra-Cocaine-Cola
logo-AD called "BuSSH-SUPPORTER!" The Poison Sodee-Pop profits would pay for themselves.

- Victor SR Moore

PS: IRON MAN CUSTOMERS? - The track record of The Republican Nazi Crime Mob says, they will probably only sell the Iron-Man Robo-Armor suit to our enemies. Then wage Imp-ire expansion warfare crime $biz on them to Liberate their oil because they
have weapons of comic-book destruction. Meanwhile, U.S.A. military will
remain unarmored & get charged for their own bandages & hospital meals.

Cue McCarthy Era victims; Mad Magazine's "G.I.-WOE" satire.

Under Operation MOCKINGBIRD liars for hire Fascist Propaganda media Empires like Desert Fox Network, comic book Mad Magazine has more fact & true insight than all the smiley suit & ties TelePrompTer helmet hair recitals combined. The machines tell us what is real... Jawohl!!!

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