Sunday, April 27, 2008

US Pigs Use Cluster Bombs in Sadr City

US Uses Cluster Bombs in Sadr City
PressTV, 27 Apr 2008
[Submitted by JC Proletariat]

US used cluster bombs in Baghdad's Sadr City.

An Iraqi member of parliament has revealed that the US forces have used forbidden weapons against Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Sadr City.

DPA quoted Leqa Yasin, a Sadrist lawmaker in the Iraqi parliament, as saying that technical and medical examination on the bodies of the victims and wounded of the recent clashes show that US occupation forces have used cluster bombs against civilians in Sadr City.

She said cluster bombs have caused many civilian deaths, with shrapnel left in the bodies of the victims.

Since March 25, the densely populated slum area has come under frequent attacks by US aircraft and artillery, killing hundreds of civilians and wounding many more.§ionid=351020201

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